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ED&I | BWP Group

The ask

IKEA wanted to create an internal video sharing their ED&I strategy for the UK and Ireland journey so far, where they are today and future ambitions. It was important that we placed this in the context of society today, clearly communicating their growth in this area of the business. They are only at the beginning of their journey, but have secured a very strong foundation. With the ambition to really drive and grow the ED&I strategy, integrating it into IKEA’s business structure and their co-workers.

Our approach

We went to IKEA’s Wembley store and filmed key members of IKEA’s ED&I team, each answering a different question on ED&I. We then edited the footage into chapters to create a 3-4 minute video.


The video was used across internal comms shared by the ED&I team. The client were so impressed with the filming crew that we were asked to come back again and film another ED&I video.