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Grumbles | TMWB

The ask

The Talentsoft Hub was created as a flexible HR platform, however it wasn’t getting the recognition or attention it deserved across Europe. So a multi-region, multi-channel campaign was created using characters called ‘grumbles’. Each ‘grumble’ represented key areas where businesses were not efficient and the Hub could help.

Our approach

Taking the 2D assets, we rigged the 4 characters and built a 3D environment for each one to create 4 x15-20 second 3D animations. Each character animation used the 3D environment, sound design and voiceover to tell a creative and amusing and attention grabbing story.


Following initial demand gen activities, the campaign:

  • Prompted 930 potential customers to complete LinkedIn Lead Gen forms.
  • Scored an incredible 74 sales leads.
  • Smashed LinkedIn CTR and engagement targets

As for general awareness, the campaign:

  • Made 157,214 impressions on LinkedIn in its first month.
  • Surpassed CTR industry averages in all regions.
  • Achieved above-average completion and video view-through rates.
  • Beat target engagement rates in key markets
These look and sound amazing. Thank you so much. I LOVE it!!! Just the right tone, it's funny, mischievous and yet not too scary... it's great!