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OPEN Health

Unlock Possibilities | fst

The ask

As part of OPEN Health’s Unlock Possibilities campaign, they were after an animation that outlines their values by using the graphical elements that represent them. One of the main objectives was to take their existing elements and then create and develop a suitable 3D ‘flame’ texture that sits with the fur and atoms.

Our Approach

We began by testing 3D flame animations to sit with the fur and atom textures. It consisted of getting the composition, angles, lighting, timing all correct before incorporating all 3 elements together to create the animation.


Because of the successful project, the client then asked us to create a new element to represent one of their values – excite, which meant creating a new ident for it and incorporating this into the approved video.

All been very well received and a happy client. It retains everything we loved about the stills and brings them to life beautifully.