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WaveLogic 6 launch | fst

The ask

Ciena were launching a new ground breaking product called WaveLogic 6 which was being launched to market as part of a huge marketing campaign. WaveLogic 6 would be a breakthrough innovation and a world-first solution set to take the industry to new heights – making it a big moment to not only launch the product but also promote the brand and and tell the brand story.

Our approach

We produced, filmed and edited a beautifully shot video that took the audience through the Ciena brand journey up to the launch of WaveLogic 6. The passage through history and into the present moment really helps us to tell Ciena’s unique, ownable story of innovation. The video used a mixture of filmed, archive and stock footage to take the audience through the years as we followed our subject through the story – filmed on street, in studio and on green screen. This was all bought together in a 30 second video edit that not only told the brand story but provided proof points of Ciena’s innovation and their new product launch.

The outcome

The final video was the hero asset for the marketing campaign – used across various channels including online, paid and social media. It not only launched the WaveLogic 6 product, but also told the brand story and put Ciena on the map ahead of its competitors.

Guys thank you so much! Next level efforts in getting this project turned around. Thank you for your partnership - we’re very grateful.