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Chosen by Majestic

Chosen by Majestic | Majestic Wine

The ask

Majestic Wine wanted to create an introductory video to launch their new ‘Chosen by’ range. This needed to highlight the quality credentials of the range by showcasing their longstanding relations with suppliers around the world, the work that goes into the tender process and meticulous tasting procedures.

Our approach

We filmed the expert buying team who put this new exciting range together. They explained the process of selecting these wines and why this range is so unique, this was combined with a mixture of B-roll footage of the buyers sampling the wines.

The outcome

Majestic Wine were extremely pleased with the outcome of the videos, which were used on their social media channels as part of a wider campaign to launch and promote the range.

My first thoughts are that I absolutely love it - Exactly what I had in mind. Everybody was really positive about the video and the overall aesthetic - different but fresh, vibrant and professional! I think we've also captured what the brand is in a really natural way - Well done to you all!