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Why Vodafone

SLT event | Vodafone

The ask

At Vodafone’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT) event, we were asked to create a suite of videos. One of the videos was to show the employee’s perspective sharing what they’ve faced and accomplished together in the past year. The video needed to be reflective, emotional, upbeat and show pride from the Vodafone employees.

Our approach

We created an emotive and cinematic piece that shared the employee’s voice through the use of footage. This showcased the challenges they’ve faced and how they’ve come together to achieve while they’ve been apart. The music and VO set the tone to emphasise the reflective and emotional perspective they wanted to achieve.

The outcome

Vodafone were really pleased with the final piece. It went down extremely well at the SLT event, leaving the employees feeling proud of their acheivements at Vodafone that year.

LOVE IT!!!! I think the only question is whether I’m going to be able to get the lump out of my throat before I have to speak… Brilliant work, thank you everyone.