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OTT Fair share | Vodafone

The ask

Vodafone tasked us to create an animation to act as a policy piece to address the issues everyone faces, that affect the future of the internet. The network infrastructure is currently funded by TelCos, but the demands are increasing because of consumer consumption habits, for example – live streaming, downloads, gaming etc. The OTT (over-the-tops) businesses are not contributing to the infrastructure, they are simply profiteering so the TelCo companies are asking for the funding to be shared to future proof the internet.

Our approach

Working with Vodafone from script stage through to delivery, we created an attention grabbing 2D animation that explained the issues the internet is facing and why we need to address this now. The animation was both informative and engaging, breaking down hard hitting issues and making them easy to understand. The style of the animation pushed the boundaries of the core Vodafone look and feel to meet a wider audience and portray the message that not only effects Vodafone but other TelCos.

The outcome

The animation was shared across Vodafone’s channels and hosted on their website reaching a vast audience. In 2 months the animation has had 146,000+ views on YouTube.

Huge thanks to the team at NDP involved!